Prodig spol. s r.o. is young, ambitious software company specializing in development and integration of software technologies including fulltext and context search and data processing. Company managers have broad experience in information technologies and software development.

Our goal is to help our customers ability to use their data in the best possible way and help them to improve their business efficiency. Many companies don't achieve this because of missing or insufficient search possibilities and data stored in unsuitable formats for automated processing. Our products focus directly to solve to these problems.

Universal tools for search and data processing are mostly not designed with corporate environment in mind and because of that cannot take full advantage of information they have. We try to optimize our technologies precisely for corporate environment.


  • pv2c, s.r.o. - development cooperation, integration into information systems
  • Infin, spol. s r. o. - testing of search and import on large scale of financial and analytical data, like business bulletin, news archive, reports&news from markets etc.