ProDig DataImport

Tool for data extraction from various sources and its intelligent transformation into expected output. DataImport primary focuses on data preparation for ProDig DataSearch, but is applicable as well independently.

Product consists of flexible interface and set of import filters with additional functionality providing customers with powerful tool while processing input data. Existing modules allow data import from/to almost all existing database systems and broadened(enhanced) documents/texts formats (including MS Office,, or PDF).

DataImport is for every customer personally shaped, including creation of new modules for specific requirements or input and/or output formats.

Examples of supported functionality:

  • intelligent context recognition - date, title, names, sums and keywords identification
  • data structure transformation - selection of relevant parts and data ordering/adjustment/organization into expected shape
  • automatic annotation generation - automatic creation of short overview from document
  • content-based category assignment - categorization following predefined rules