ProDig DataSearch - exactly for your needs

Every company has its data saved in a different way, in different kind of documents and databases. ProDig DataSearch as a search for company environment provides specific configuration for exact condition, including logical structure of data and their mutual bonds. You can obtain search fully adapted to your needs. You don't have to arrange your existing data or their structure in any way.

Search engines that flourish "easy instalation with few clicks" seems to be attractive. But for upgrading quality of outputs you have to adjust your data into form they require. Search sources that are not included in software is very ineffective or completely impossible.

Analyse your data and configuration for your needs is a part of any instalation of our products.

User interface

Standard component of ProDig DataSearch is completly configurable interface accessible through web browser. Besides classical "search box" it can be form with more inputs, including dropdowns and checkboxes.

This interface can be accessible from company's intranet or directly from internet (with security communication encryption - HTTPS), while there is no need for additional software on user's computer, all you need is web browser.

Documents, databases and its combination

Detailed configuration provides search for almost all kinds of documents, databases and its commbination. More about this option you can find in decription of its advantages.

Integration into existing systems

Thanks to consistent modularization of code it's possible easy integration of ProDig DataSearch into existing systems in any company or through any offered application interface (SOAP, REST, XML RPC, etc.). This feature naturally needs cooperation with supplier of this information system.