ProDig DataSearch - more than just a search

ProDig DataSearch outmatches most searching technologies in capabilities as well in extended features.

Search in text like in database

Context recognition and related options of lining up and filtering enable search in text not only according words, but method similar to using queries in databases. This feature is part of optimalization for companies.

Connecting sources

In company environment are often related data saved at different places or information systems. Connecting this sources enable us to search and display outputs like from one source.

Fulltext search in database

There are items in every database which are effective to search using fulltext (for example titles, captions, comments), and nowadays is not strange have some text data saved in database as well (articels). DataSearch is able to connect fulltext search in these items with basic SQL approach into database, sustaining the high speed for output.


Speed for obtaining information is nowadays a great competitive advantage. There is large flow of data from various sources coming into company and hand-manipulation is slow and costly. To develop a report for longer period brings even more complex problems.

DataSearch contains funcionality for running a large amount of predefined queries (searching criterias) according your needs or in regular intervals. Search output is configurable, from basic overview to complete content of searched documents, through the import of outputs into different information systems. Predefined queries can use all posibilities for search, including connecting sources or combination with database.