Search functionalities

  • context search - search ID/SSN "123" returns companies using this ID/SSN; it doesn't return documents containing "123" as a house number or as a part of phone contacts
  • extended search - configurable search form allowing to set even complicated search criteria with ease
  • search in date interval - searched documents will be just from set date interval (even with exact time)
  • output sorting sort by date, relevance or chosen text attribute
  • highlighting of search terms marks every word with its own color, functional also for specific word forms and wildcards
  • limit to wanted categories of documents allows to filter search results just to selected categories of documents
  • diacritics-free search, (ASCII search) allows to find "pečivo" with "pecivo" search string
  • search different word forms and synonyms with support for middle European languages
  • search in chosen part of document, e.g. in headings, hyperlinks, names, metadata, annotations or any other identifiable part of document
  • case-insensitive search, with case-sensitivity available as well
  • support for logical operators (AND, OR, NOT, NEXT, NEAR, BEFORE, AFTER)
  • phrase search with possible unknown words in phrase
  • search in search results allows to search in result of previous search, multiple times
  • wildcards
  • extended search result interface customization, including placement and presentation
  • Xpath support, only search-relevant parts

System functionality

  • fulltext search in structured documents, data, database, HTML web pages and nonstructured text
  • combining of multiple data sources
  • complete (native) support for search in XML
  • support for most world languages, even multilanguage texts
  • automatic annotation created during indexing process helps in fast orientation
  • intelligent filters - it's easy to define rules for adding documents
  • elimination of duplicate documents
  • securing consistency of search database in cases of hardware failures and breakdowns
  • detailed statistic of indexed documents
  • configurable relevance of particular document contexts

Implementation possibilities

  • integration is possible into any existing systems and frameworks, even into third-party products
  • connecting/merging data from various sources, e.g. search for data from database can be connected with relevant text documents
  • multiple platform support
  • mirroring of search database